Best things to do in Banyuwangi, Indonesia

The gateway to the island from Bali. Banyuwangi, located on the eastern tip of Java Island in Indonesia, is a beautiful destination offering a range of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. Find out the Best things to do in Banyuwangi “The Sunrise of Java” ! It is worth a stop, explore the incredible Kawah Ijen, explore beaches, the twins waterfalls and visit Baluran national park.

things to do in banyuwangi, hike Ijen crater

When is the best time to visit Banyuwangi?

The best time to travel Banyuwangi is during the months of June to September, when the weather is sunny. If you are climbing mountains make sure you bring warm clothes, the temperatures are cooler in the mountainous regions. During the raining season from October to April, expect cheaper prices and fewer crowds.

Where to stay in Banyuwangi ?

There are plenty of hotels, guesthouses and homestay in Banyuwangi for any backpacker budget.

If you have a good budget, you can stay at :

  • Ketapang Indah Hotel (From 29€)

Situated near Ketapang harbor; they provide great accommodations

If you are on a solo backpacking adventure in Banyuwangi here the best 3 cheap guesthouses :

  • Pepito Guesthouse (From 7.5$)
  • Panorama Homestay (From 6$)
  • Didu’s Homestay Bed and breakfast (from 10$)

Best 5 things to do in Banyuwangi

1. Explore the stunning beaches of the coast

Looking of a high dose of vitamin sea, without too much crowd ? Trust me Banyuwangi is filled with stunning beaches. Here are the 3 best beaches :

A. Catch the sunset at Red Island Beach

(Desa Sumberagung, Pesanggaran) This beach red soil which make her the read island beach. You can enjoy one of the best sunset in Banyuwangi. Surfer might find their best spot, yet swimming is not recommended due to the big waves being 2 meters high.

B. Sukamade Beach

(Sarongan Village, Meru Betiri National Park, Pesanggaran) Sukamade beach is par of an important conservation area, you can see sea turtles.

C. Teluk Hijau Beach

(Sarongan Village, Meru Betiri National Park, Pesanggaran) Enjoy the turquoise water and a the white sand beach surround by beautiful lush green forest. Best spot for solo backpacking in Banyuwangi.

2. The hike of Ijen kawah

Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi is popular among local and foreign tourists. This is one the most prominent thing to do in Banyuwangi. Prepare to be awestruck by the incredible beauty of the Ijen Crater, a mesmerizing volcanic crater boasting turquoise waters and stunning panoramic views. Embark on a sunrise trek and witness the breathtaking sight of the blue fire, a phenomenon caused by ignited sulfuric gases. As the sun rises, the crater transforms into a surreal landscape, revealing its unique allure.

things to do in banyuwangi

How to get to Ijen crater from Banyuwangi 

Once you are in Banyuwangi, you still need to arrange transportation to go to the entrance of Ijen volcano. You could hire a private driver, rent a scooter or get an ojek.

If you are travelling with other traveler, hiring a drive could be a nice option. You can share the costs. If you want save money and be more independent, you can rent a scooter. It will take you around 1 hour to 2 hour to get to the Ijen park. It does rain often or you can have flog on the road, make sure to drive slowly and surely. The road in Indonesia could have some pot holes and can be slippery when its raining. The last option is to get an ojek. You will find plenty of Indonesian “taxi driver” around the place you stay offering a ride to the park. You can easily negotiate your return trip. Helping the local economy while travelling is a always appreciated.

Travel tips when climbing Ijen Kawah

Things to do in Banyuwangi

Hiking Ijen volcano doesn’t require you to be and experienced mountaineer.

  1. Temperature can drop quickly by night. You need to wear winter jackets, gloves, and hiking shoes. A headlamps since the hike start by night.
  2. Get some climbing sticks if its gonna be your first climb. Get a gas mask, the suffer is strong. A surgical mask will not be enough.
  3. Basic advise when you hike, if it’s your first hike. Take your time one step after another. If you run out of breath, take your time to pause whenever needed.

3. Explore Banyuwangi waterfalls

Explore the two best waterfall of Banyuwangi. Kampung Anyar Waterfall and Lider Waterfall.

  1. Lider Waterfall: A stunning 60-meter waterfall, located around 30 km away from the Banyuwangi. Lider waterfall is the highest waterfall in Banyuwangi. You need to cross the river, through a thick forest. Make sure you bring the right gear for this escape.
  • 2. Kampung Anyar Waterfall: You can enjoy three waterfalls in one complex at the same location. Local people call it the ‘brothers’ waterfall. It is located in the village of Taman Suruh.

4. Baluran National Park

Taman Nasional Baluran (or Baluran National Park) is somewhat famous across Indonesia and yet most foreign tourists don’t know about it; The park is roughly in the shape of a circle with the extinct volcano ‘Baluran’ at it’s centre. It has some of the most unique nature in all of Java and was even home to the Javan tiger up until the mid-1960s. You can drive your own car or scooter through the park and are able to get the National Park ticket at the entrance.

5. Banyuwangi Festival

If you’re planning on visiting Banywangi then make sure to search for Banyuwangi Festival. The Banyuwangi Festival includes 10 festivals that are staged throughout the year and showcase an exciting mix of local culture and modern music.

In October, you can surf and listen to Jazz music. And for the Rainbow Festival at the end of the year, you can become familiar with the local culture.



Banyuwangi has more to offer than you think. Especially for its interesting history and its strategic location. Have you ever been to Banyuwangi ? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below. If you are planning to visit Indonesia for a month, here the entire guide to travel in Indonesia.