The Maasai tribe of Tanzania

During my time in Tanzania, I was lucky to be able to spend a day with the indigenous Maasai tribe of Tanzania.

I have been guided by my dear friend Elieth to the maasai tribe village around 25km from Moshi town. There are a few things you should know before visiting the Maasai Tribe of Tanzania. Because nowadays most of the Massai tribe are well organised in making money off of tourists, so I made sure to meet the most authentic tribe, Elieth has established a contact with the guy who will connect me with the chef of the tribe.

The warm welcoming of the maasai tribe

I was greeted with smiling faces and curious eyes. Men were dressed in traditional sarongs and the women with necklaces and wraps. They dressed me like them and start dancing. They are performing a welcoming dance for you, whispered my friend Elieth. The dance is to show their happiness. When you come inside our village, that’s your home.

Inside the hut the chef of the tribe was explaining me how the hut was made. The interiors consisted of two to three tiny rooms, typically one for the husband and wife, one for the children and the main area was a kitchen. The Maasai build their homes within kraals. It’s like a fence made of acacia thorns.

They use materials like, Bomba, cow dung, mud, sticks, grass, human urine and ash. The walls are made of these materials and the roof can be made from almost anything: sticks, reeds, tin or anything that will lay flat. They showed me how they make fire with a stick and two rocks. The Maasai used to Hunt the king of the jungle and has been a tradition for a very long time. Due to the decline of the lion population the Maasai don’t hut the lion anymore.

As we waved goodbye, I was really pleased to meet them, they were very respectful to me, especially regarding their openness and willingness to share their culture with me.

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