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Being a Solo traveler helped me live outside my comfort zone. I’m here to help you get out of your comfort zone. 

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I can’t remember the moment I fell in love with Indonesia. For the past 8 years I traveled and lived in in this beautiful archipelago. From exotic places to deep culture discovery passing by entrepreneurship life, the past 8 years has taught me a lot. I am Mino a french solo traveler who left France at the age of 22. And set out an adventure life around the world that continues to this day. I will share with you my story, my vision, my experiences and some cool tips about travelling and entrepreneurship.

Travel gear

The travel gear I use are essentially equipment for trekking mountains, and clothes for long distance walking

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Reflection and thoughts

Travel notes and entrepreneurship thoughts

Reflection, thoughts and meditation is a crucial part of any learning process. Reflecting on life help you humble yourself to be more self critical to improve yourself. Trough travelling or taking risks in opening business, reflection has always helped me to reexamine my decisions and my next moves. Travelling has always challenged my perspectives and my thoughts. 

I’m sharing how :


  • to go out of your comfort zone
  • Tips on how you should follow your dreams
  • a french solo traveler who left France to have an unknown journey in Indonesia

Be aware of what’s outside of your comfort zone.

4 reasons  why you should follow your dreams right now !


My story on how I stepped into to the unknown ?