Travel to Moyo Island, Sumbawa, Indonesia

Travel in Indonesia, discover Sumbawa

Your next adventure awaits on Moyo Island in Sumbawa, Indonesia. The largest island in the Indonesian archipelago and home to Moyo Island Waterfall. One of the most beautiful and unique waterfalls you’ll ever see. Travel to Moyo Island and you will experience this fantastic destination.

travel to moyo island

Travel to moyo island : Things to know before you go

Located just off mainland Sumbawa and about two hours from Bima, Moyo is a stunning tropical island with hiking trails that lead to a picturesque waterfall. If you’re traveling from Bali or Lombok, you can also fly directly into Sikka airport. Which is only five kilometers away. (Not recommended: taking boats or ferries; they are not safe.) You can get your visa at any one of four immigration offices located across the city. The easiest way to get there is by taxi; pick one up right outside of Bima’s domestic airport—the drive will take about 40 minutes depending on traffic.

Travel to Moyo Island : What to do

Sumbawa was different, not crowded with tourist like Bali. It was wild and authentic. I felt alive by the scenery surrounding me and the warmness of the people. The price of the bus and ferry cost us 90K (6$) to get from Mataram (Lombok) to Sumbawa besar. 7 hours of bus and ferry sharing with my dear friend Fathur. When you travel in Indonesia on a budget ; it leads you to met amazing people and experience unexpected things.

Where to stay

Moyo Island is a great destination for those who want to relax on a remote island surrounded by pristine waters. The accommodation on Moyo Island isn’t luxurious but is far from basic; rooms offer air conditioning. There are only ten family cottages available so you’ll need to book ahead – but booking can be done at any time of year.

How to get there

To get to Moyo Island you will have to rent a boat. The boats are available for rent at any of the wharfs along Punjung Beach. You can travel solo or bring your family along with you. Rent a boat that’s able to carry up to four people and with a trustworthy captain who knows how to sail through rough waters during stormy days. Once aboard, make sure that you bring food supplies and water for your trip as well as snacks for when you reach your destination. It is advisable that you wear suitable clothes and shoes which could withstand strong winds and salty water because there is no place for you buy them once at your destination island.

When to go

If you’re traveling to Sumba or Moyo Islands or areas nearby at any time between November and April, be sure to keep an eye on local news and follow @TSA_Indonesia on Twitter for updates about road closures and flight cancellations. At any time of year be sure that your passport is valid for at least six months after your travel dates. U.S. citizens don’t need a visa for visits up to 30 days.