10 charming cities to see in Tunisia

Tunisia is the hometown of my parents. I’m proud to be originally from this beautiful country. I visited Tunisia many times in my childhood during summer. From Roman ruins, stunning Mediterranean beaches to the Sahara, Tunisia could offer you endless adventures. Find out the best cities to visit in Tunisia

Where is Tunisia located ?

Tunisia is located in North Africa with the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Sahara Desert to the other. It shares borders with Algeria and Libya. A Tunisia trip should be on everyone’s bucket list, and luckily it’s easy to visit. Located in Northern Africa, the country of Tunisia boasts beautiful beaches, ancient cities filled with history, vibrant nightlife, and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. If you’re lucky enough to be planning a trip there soon, don’t forget to check out these 10 best places to visit in Tunisia.

Although most of the places I visited in Tunisia were amazing ; I do have my top Tunisian destinations.

Best Time to Visit Tunisia

During Summer: If you’re traveling to Tunisia to enjoy the Mediterranean beaches under a blue skiy and with the sun; have a sort trip in the sahara of south Tunisia summer is the best season. From June to August.

Fall (September & October):  If you want to enjoy Tunisia to the fullest with less crowd, fall and spring are the the best time. The weather is pleasant sunny and warm. You can expect rain in October.

Winter:  During the night and early on the morning it gets cold, so make sure to bring some warm clothe. During the day the temperature can reach 16-20. I highly recommend you a trip to south Tunisia.

Spring: Perhaps one of the best season to visit the best cities in Tunisia if you are looking for warmness and less crowd.

10 Best cities to visit in Tunisia

1. Sidi Bou Said

Located just outside of Tunis, Sidi Bou Said is one of the most picturesque places in all of Tunisia. A popular tourist destination, it’s best known for its beautiful architecture and views overlooking Tunis. Sidi Bou Said became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988 and still remains a popular place to visit today.

2. Kairouan Medina

In many ways, Kairouan is both a living museum and an active holy city for Muslims. Thousands of pilgrims flock here each year to visit one of Islam’s holiest sites: Zitoun el-Bourgi. The origins of Zitoun el-Bourgi date back to when Uqba ibn Nafi, leader of a Muslim army from Egypt invaded Tunisia and built it as his capital. Of course, there are other places worth visiting in Kairouan, including its old souk (one of very few places where you can still experience a traditional Islamic marketplace), but most tourists come here to see what is one of the oldest mosques on Earth.

Kairouan is home of the holiest islamic place in Africa, theMosque of Uqba ibn Nafi. This holy place has been established in the year 50 AH (670AD/CE). Classified in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Kairouan. It is very recommended to visit this beautiful city.

Beside the grand of mosue of Kairaouan you can visit :

  • Bir Barouta – You will find a well located in the middle of the room which according to my guide is connected directly to Zamzam in Mecca. A camel tied to the well serves to bring the water up from 20m below.
  • Zaouia of Sidi Sahab – Known to be one of the Prophet’s companions. The guide has told me that was the principle barber Prophet.

3. The amphitheater at El Djem

best cities to travel in Tunisia

Walk through the stunning 2000 years arena of el Djem. Usually compared to the roman colosseum. It is one the best cities ti visit in Tunisia. It’s the third biggest amphitheatre in the world, you cannot miss this spectacular UNESCO World Heritage site if you’re in Tunisia.

4. Tozeur Old Town

If your heart is set on seeing desert dunes, there’s no better place than Tozeur. It may be located about two hours away from Medenine, but you’ll be able to explore a great deal of natural beauty before you even reach your final destination. In addition to sand dunes, Tozeur also offers other unique sights such as Ait Ben Haddou and Lake Djerid. All three of these places are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites for their cultural significance and offer completely different experiences that should make it onto your must-see list when traveling to Tunisia.

Tozeur is a world apart from the tourist cities such as Sousse or Hammamet. Located on the border with Algeria. Standing in the middle of the desert surrounded by an incredible oasis.

It is definitely a city for adventures seeker. Tozeur offers many attractions :

  • you can visit Tamerza canyon
  • onk jemal ( known to be the place where the first star wars movie has been shot)
  • the souk of Tozeur

5. Tamerza old villageBest cities to visit in Tunisia, explore south Tunisia

Tamaghza is perhaps one of my favorite place in Tunisia. Surround by beautiful oasis and stunning canyon, the atmosphere of this old berber town is unique and particularly peaceful. Located only 15 km north Chbika and on the border with Algeria. This forgotten gem of this beautiful village is a must see.

6. Sfax MedinaBest cities to visit in Tunisia, Sfax the second city of Tunisia

Located on Tunisia’s southern coast, Sfax is a vibrant port city with some of North Africa’s best beaches. Spend your days on one of them, enjoying some well-deserved R&R. Don’t miss exploring ancient ruins at El Jem or taking a boat tour from Sfax out into open water—go diving, snorkeling or just enjoy nature from afar. Afterward, check out nearby Kerkouane for a look at an impressive Punic-Roman site and admire some beautiful architecture and well-preserved mosaics. Definitely add Sfax to your Tunisian travel list!

Sfax is the town where both of my parents are born. Located on the Mediterranean Coast, Sfax is the second city of Tunisia, after Tunis. The town is known to be the main city of the economy of Tunisia, especially due to the biggest port of the country.

If you are visiting you should definitly experience the crowded souk located at Bab Diwan and Kasbah.

7. Matmata Cave City

Best cities to visit in Tunisia

Matmata is a unique city hill in a rugged mountainous area composed of loess history. Berbes tribes use to live in these caves. Because of the particularly weather, Matama is exposed to the high temperature of the sun, the land has a dark red color and the temperature is very high. It’s really a barren scene. It is also one of the filming locations of the first “Star Wars”. Some of the remaining caves have become restaurants, and you definitely should try some traditional Tunisian food in them.

8. Djerba Island

Best cities to visit in Tunisia
The beautiful Djerba, Tunisia. Djerba Island is a popular vacation destination for Tunisians and European tourists alike. The island is well known for its beautiful blue water and sandy beaches. There are many different types of tours offered on Djerba, from boat excursions to scuba diving. Whether you’re into a good time or looking for relaxation, Djerba has something for everyone. If you’re planning on visiting Djerba Island, here are some top attractions that shouldn’t be missed

9. Hammamet

best cities to visit in Tunisia

Hammamet is one of Tunisia’s top beach destinations, with miles of white-sand beaches and clear turquoise water. The town is home to luxury hotels and a great nightlife scene—not surprising, given that it’s just south of Tunis. While there are a couple things that make Hammamet particularly appealing for tourists (the sparkling sea, luscious mountains, etc.), it’s also known for its active scene: horseback riding, diving, surfing lessons. If you want a bit more than lounging on pristine shores and lying on white sand beaches all day—and who doesn’t?—Hammamet might be right up your alley.

10. Sousse

Sousse is a resort city on Tunisia’s Mediterranean coast. Because of its small size, Sousse doesn’t feel overwhelming, as some cities can do. It’s an excellent place for travelers who want to experience Tunisian culture without getting overwhelmed by a big city. Because of its status as a resort town, you won’t find many hotels in Sousse that don’t provide beach access, so if you plan on staying near your hotel while visiting there (which I definitely recommend), book early—beachside rooms are limited and always in high demand.

I hope you’ve found this list of the best cities to visit in Tunisia useful to prepare your next trip. If you have questions about things to do in Tunisia? Let me know in the comments below!