10 Fun Things to do in Zanzibar

A tropical island off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar is home to beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife, and an exciting array of cultural experiences that make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in East Africa. If you’re looking to explore one of the most exotic countries on the planet, Zanzibar should be your first stop! If you’re new to travel in East Africa or just want some ideas about what to do when you visit Zanzibar, here are 10 fun things to do in Zanzibar that are sure to make your trip unforgettable!

1) Visit the Jozani Forest

In your search for 10 fun things to do in Zanzibar, head straight to Jozani Forest. This rainforest is home to a variety of species, including leopard and tropical bird species. Visit at dawn or dusk for a more immersive experience with nature.

2) Go Kayaking on Mnemba Island

Mnemba Island is located off of Dar es Salaam, and it’s a big tourist destination. You can rent kayaks on Mnemba Island and paddle around, check out some sea lions, swim in clear blue water, etc. It’s fun! Not really a thing to do but still something you should probably experience if you’re ever on vacation at Mnemba island (and you should be there anyways because that place is awesome). I mean just look at these photos

3) Snorkel at Pongwe Beach

Pongwe Beach, just outside of Stone Town, is one of Zanzibar’s most famous beaches. Go snorkeling there and you can see colorful fish such as yellow tangs, blue-spotted stingrays and sea stars; you may even spot a green turtle or manta ray. The beach itself is perfect for sunbathing: You can find both shallow areas for beginners and deep spots for experienced divers. Pongwe also offers fun activities like jet skiing.

4) Swimming with Whale Sharks at Prison Island

One of Zanzibar’s most unique tourist attractions is a day trip that you can take from Stone Town. Swimming with whale sharks (the world’s largest fish) off Prison Island is an exciting experience. The best time to visit is between November and April, when these giant sea creatures migrate close to shore. A full-day excursion costs $400 per person and includes transport, snorkeling equipment, lunch and drinks on both land and sea. Plan ahead—these trips fill up quickly! Also note that swimming with whale sharks can be dangerous if you aren’t careful, so choose a reputable tour operator!

5) Sail on a Traditional Dhow Boat

The dhow is a traditional boat that has long been used by Arabs, Africans and Indians. These boats are made out of wood, sometimes with a bottom of fiberglass or metal. In Zanzibar, you can sail on a dhow that’s still being constructed using old methods dating back hundreds of years. In addition to being an excellent way to get around while exploring Tanzania’s East African coast, it also offers you a unique glimpse into local culture and history.

6) Take an Early Morning Walk on Stone Town

Get an early start on your day and enjoy a brisk walk around Stone Town. You’ll get to see sights such as Fort Jesus and Mnazi Mmoja before anyone else is up. With all that fresh air, you can also burn off some calories from your dinner at Ocean Basket before hitting their all-you-can-eat seafood buffet.

7) Drive to Nungwi Village

Nungwi is an idyllic fishing village and popular tourist destination in Tanzania. The beaches are pristine, powdery sand and backed by beautiful sea-side resorts. Nungwi is located on Pemba Island, just a short drive from Stone Town, or a 1-hour speedboat ride from Dar es Salaam. Nungwi’s main attraction is its fishing village atmosphere; there are great seafood restaurants and shops selling woven baskets, coral jewelry, local art and souvenirs.

8) Swim with Turtles at Kiwengwa Bay

During April to June you may be lucky enough to swim with turtles, which is a truly exhilarating experience. Kiwengwa Bay is located on Mnemba Island in Tanzania and offers some of the best snorkeling in Zanzibar. If you can find a boat that’s going there, it’s absolutely worth it! You can also rent snorkel gear on nearby Jambiani Beach. This is also home to some of Africa’s largest coral reefs.

9) Relax at Jozani Forest Reserve

The Jozani Forest Reserve is Tanzania’s oldest nature reserve, home to rare and endangered plant and animal species. If you’re looking for things to do in Zanzibar, consider spending a day at Jozani Forest Reserve, which sits on an island off of Stone Town. The reserve has a number of activities including wildlife safaris and forest walks. If you have time, you can even hike around one of Africa’s oldest baobab trees; some say it’s over 1,000 years old! For those who are seeking peace and quiet, the Jozani Forest Reserve offers just that.

10) Relax in Jambiani

10 Fun Things to do in Zanzibar

You might know Jambiani as the place with the best beach in Zanzibar, but it’s actually much more than that! Here are the top 5 things to do in Jambiani, Zanzibar, to help you plan your next trip there.

Check out these 5 must-do things in Jambiani, Zanzibar:

  1. Swimming with dolphins
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Visiting the local villages
  4. Blue cave snorkeling
  5. Scuba diving with sharks and manta rays

I hope that this 10 top fun things to do in Zanzibar will help you on how to spend the best days in Jambiani, Zanzibar. If you looking for a great trusted tour operator check Africa bucket list tour company